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Restoration and Conservation
Deciding whether or not to restore an antique arm is not one that should be made lightly.  Restoration is some of my favorite work.  I try to take the most conservative approach possible.  Much of my restoration work is more conservation than restoration.  I always strive to preserve and stabilize as much original material as possible.  

I do perform re alterations back to flintlock, when the needs of the customer and project warrant.  Often, the value and historical value of the arm is greater when left in its last form when used.  In these cases I advise against re alteration.  

Wood repair and restoration is one of my specialties.  Often, I hand make parts that are needed if originals are not able to be found.  Much of my work concentrates on pre 1865 arms, but I am happy to perform wood work on later period projects as well.  

Below are photos of some of my most recent restoration projects.

1863 Sharps Carbine

This Sharps came out of Alaska.  It was found by a collector and brought to me for wood restoration.  It was missing the butplate as well as a good deal of wood.  The restoration butplate is an original.
1760's English Fowler by Humphreys

This fowler came out of New York State.  When it came to me, it was a box of splinters and parts.  I restored the wood, re altered the lock to flintlock and restored the barrel to full length. The wrist escutcheon was long gone, so I relief engraved one.  In spite of being heavily restored, it is a fine looking fowler that aches to tell it's story.