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Reproduction Arms
As a gunmaker, I approach any project from the standpoint of a shooter.  I strive for all of my guns to shoot as well as they look.  To achieve this, I use the best quality barrels available for the project.  In addition, the function and quality of the lock is every bit as important as the barrel.  I tune all of my locks to spark and function perfectly.  

Like many makers, I enjoy building American Longrifles and pistols.  17th and 18th century English arms are my personal love. These are the weapons that speak to me.  As a shooter, I avidly shoot smootbores and very much enjoy building fowlers and military muskets.  In addition, I have built a great many high quality American Civil War rifles and muskets for competition shooting.  

In recent years, my life long fascination with the 17th century English colonies in North America have taken off in my work.  I actively shoot matchlocks and very surprisingly have found them to be quite accurate and reliable weapons.  They are some of my favorite arms to build, utilizing hand made locks and furniture.  

Long barreled fowlers are another fascination for me.  I have a custom barrel maker who makes my long barrels and they are available to me with a relatively short wait time.  If you have ever wanted a New England or Hudson Valley Fowler with a long barrel, I would be happy to work with you to produce an arm that you can be as proud to own as well as shoot.  Most of the time, I have at least one long barrel on hand for a future project.