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Yancey von Yeast
I began building reproduction firearms at the age of thirteen, serving an apprenticeship to a full time gunmaker at the age of sixteen.  I have had a fascination with early American history all of my life.  My tie with craftsmanship comes from a long standing obsession with everyday life during the American Colonial Period.

I am an active competitive target shooter.  Live shooting drives much of my work and my approach to reproduction arms, lock building, and restoration.

My professional interests are varied and always changing.  I have a deep interest in the everyday arms used in Early America. Arms of the 17th century fascinate me and are one of my favorite types of arms to reproduce and shoot.   

I have a deep love of antique arms from the Colonial Period.  My personal shooting arm is a 1760 period English fowler by Humphreys. One of my early influences once taught me that "the old guns have soul." I view restoration and conservation work as the most important and must be approached with the highest degree of ethics and respect.  

I currently reside in Waterloo, Illinois with my wife Tammy and five children.  In 2007, I completed a Ph.D. in research from Saint Louis University.  This process taught me how to find information and has been of great benefit as a gunmaker and restorer.  

I would like to dedicate this site to my family: Tammy, Mom and Dad, and Jim Leinicke, my compass who has always kept me pointed in the right direction.  In addition, Ron Stellhorn who gave me the love of black powder.  Special thanks goes to Ken Gahagan who has been such a strong supporter.  
Without all of you, I could not do it.